Automatic Down Stacker


  • Type: Single down stacker.
  • Platform lifting and lowering by smoothly hydraulic system.
  • Max. stacking height : 1700 mm.
  • Max. cardboard length: 3500 mm.
  • Production speed: 220 M/Min.
  • Front stage with suction conveyor belt can help the paper board stabilized pile up.
  • When paper board up to preset quantity, the suction equipment will match fricative board movement, and same time the front conveyor belt reduce speed, the back conveyor belt speed up will make each pile precisely separate .
  • The conveyor belt total 4 stage, each stage control by individual servo motor, can effect different belt speed by required paper board length, order quantity, production speed and make the pile up fluently.
  • The smoothy lift and lower hydraulic system with proportion control valve, won’t happen the paper board pile up over turn.
  • Our quote excludes hydraulic cooling cycle system. (option)


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