Fingerless Single Facer


This is a simple product.


  • Heating type: by steam.
  • Vacuum type.
  • Machine design speed: 200 m/min.
  • Types of flute profile: A, B, C, E or F Flute (one flute profile can be selected for each set of single facer.)
    “A-Flute”: 35 flutes / 300 mm; height of flute: 4.6 mm.
    “B-Flute”: 48 flutes / 300 mm; height of flute: 2.8 mm.
    “C-Flute”: 40 flutes / 300 mm; height of flute: 3.6 mm.
    “E-Flute”: 88 flutes / 300 mm; height of flute: 1.45 mm.
    “F-Flute”: 127 flutes / 300 mm; height of flute: 0.76 mm.
  • Upper/Lower corrugating rolls: Diameter 320 mm, made of Ni-Cr-Mo alloy steel(SNCM-8) with heat treatment and hardness over SHORE 75 degree; the surfaces with precision turn ground polish and tungsten carbide.
  • Pressure roll: Diameter: 324 mm, made of (S45C); the surface with special heat treatment and turn ground polish.
  • Glue roll: Diameter 254 mm, with steel product; the surface is well treated by sand-blasted or engraved and chrome-plated.
  • Doctor roll: Diameter: 140 mm, with steel product; the surfaces
  • with precision turn ground polish and chrome treatment.
  • Preheating roll for liner: Diameter 400mm, made of alloy steel tube.
  • Preheating for medium: with a air spray nozzle at each interval 60 mm.
  • With glue roll automatic idler device to prevent condensation of starch on the surface of glue roll while temporarily stopped work.
    (with 1HP x 1/30 reduction gear motor — 1 pc.)
  • Corrugating rolls and pressure roll’s bearing is lubricated by high temperature grease.
  • Upper corrugating roll, pressure roll, and glue roll by pneumatic control.
  • Gap between glue/doctor rolls, glue/lower corrugating rolls;
    lower corrugating/pressure roll are controlled by motorized adjusting device and indicated with digital read out.
  • While producing if the medium paper got broken suddenly, the machine will stop gluing and running automatically.
  • Motorized glue dividing device.
    (with 1/10HP x 1/20 reduction gear motor — 2 pcs.)
  • With steam rotary joint and flexible steam pipe.
  • With 15HP blower fan — 1 set.
  • With operation panel and control cabinet.



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